Thursday, October 10, 2013

Have the best Cheats for GTA V on your iOS device

GTA V is probably the game of 2013. It's like a some kind of fever. I personally spend hundreds of hours playing it since the release back in September. Today we are going to present you the best cheats, already tried by me, which will help you to enjoy your GTA V much more. What is great is that they work on Xbox and Playstation 3 as well.

The game has all the latest cheats, so you will constantly get new cheats on your iPhone or iPad. Also, there are game play screen shots for every cheat, so you will know how to implement the cheats because there will be demonstration for it. There also countless useful tips which will make you master of GTA V.

On top of that, there is in-app income calculator which will enable you to calculate your weekly earnings, and calculate earnings separately for Franklin, Michael and Trevor. Pretty neat, right?

The app gets updates very frequently and it is currently #1 entertainment app in various countries and it is in the Top 10 entertainment apps in US.

App Store Download link