Friday, October 4, 2013

Find and book parking with the amazing ParkWhiz

Most of the times finding a parking spot is really frustrating. That is fact, especially in the urban areas with a lot of buildings and crazy traffic. So, today decided to present you one app that will resolve all your parking problems.

ParkWhiz is free transportation app that is available on Google Play. The app will enable you to save time and money with their in-app booking. Practically, this app guarantees you a spot in the 2000 locations that they cover across the United States. Isn't that great? You will know the price and you will be assured that you will have where to park your car. That is especially important if you go to some big event, like concert or sport game.

The app works in a very simple manner. It recognizes your Location, or you can enter desired location, and it will show you all parking places near that location. It will also include the prices, so you can select the price that suits you the most. After you choose certain parking spot and the time you will park your car there, it will give you information about the parking lot and it will explain its location in details.

The app offers special online rates, which will save you money. You can pay with mobile passes and you will need to place that ParkWhiz mobile pass on the dashboard. Then a patrolling attendant will validate your parking.

It is simple as that. Simple, but very helpful and useful app. If you are from USA, then try ParkWhiz Android parking app for free.