Thursday, October 3, 2013

Contactive - Beautiful and appealing phone book and Caller ID that is quality and useful at the same time..

Every experienced Android user knows that the phone book and caller lack in features and design. There are many alternatives on Google Play that provide more features and offer better and more beautiful UI and design. Contactive is surely one of the best. Not only because of the design and UI, but also because of the numerous features this app offers and the fact that it is totally free.


Beautiful Keypad and Quick Calls

The keypad is simple, elegant, with beautiful grey lines and big green call key. Left to the call key is the search button where you can search your contacts and right to it is where you add contacts and change various settings. On top of the keypad you can add your favorite contacts and call them instantly. You can make quick calls to your favorites or your recent calls.

Easy and productive Contacts management

To every contact you can add their Google, Facebook, Twitter or Linkedin profile. But, in order to do so you must sync and connect your accounts to the desired Social Media accounts. This is great because you can check what's new on the social media profiles of your favorite people, right from the app. You can call (phone or Skype) or message (Skype, Viber, WhatsApp, Facebook) any contact directly from Contactive. Every contact can be shared via Bluetooth, Dropbox, Gmail etc.

Lists and Updates

The app automatically creates lists from your Social Media accounts. But, you can also create your custom lists where you can add certain people like close friends and family. The updates refer to Facebook where you will get important updates from your friends.

Caller ID

Contactive is also one of the best available Caller IDs. It will take data from your Social media networks, publicly available sources, and Contactive’s Global Directory. This will help you detect unwanted calls from spammers, banks and advertisers for example.


Overall, this app is very useful to people that use their Android smartphones very often. It will make you more productive and it will make the communication with your friends and family much smoother, pleasant and beautiful experience. Download it for free on Google Play.