Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Runlevel - Trustworthy, reliable and quality online backup company

Some of your work, pictures, music or any other valuable files just doesn't have price. Accident or viruses can happen and you can easily lose important files that you can't get ever again. Hightechholic will present you one of the best companies that offer online backup of files.

Runlevel backup will offer you strong and unique backup support. They are one of the most professional companies for online backup that you can find on the Internet. So, lets see what Runlevel offers.

There is twin cloud storage. That means that they will store your data in two separate destinations located in UK. So, your data will be copied and stored in two places to increase protection. Also, the location of this data centers is secretive and it is constantly secured by cameras and Runlevel employees.

Even though today, the update of the backup is automatic, there is still work that needs to be done. Sometimes, doing this work is boring and demanding. Runlevel will manage and update your backups for you, they will take care everything is up to date.

They constantly check your backup progress, maintain the archives and check that your data is healthy. If you are offline for few days they will check up on you to see if everything is ok. Also, they will contact you right away if they see that something is wrong with your backups. Runlevel is one of the most supportive companies that is responsive and wants to take the best care of its clients. They have huge, professional and kind team of employees that wants the best for its clients.

Runlevel offers 5 packages. The smallest is for 200GB backup and the biggest is 2TB. What is good is that they offer 30 day trial, so you can make sure they are the right company to perform and take care of your online backup.

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