Sunday, September 1, 2013

App of the Day - Motivate yourself with "A Dose of Motivation"

Sometimes life can be harsh. We all experienced days when we feel depressed and lazy. I've personally lacked motivation in so many days of my life. In those days I tend to watch motivational videos and speeches. Recently, on Google Play, I found one beautiful and simple app called "A Dose of Motivation".

The app is created by the motivational rap artist and speaker Marcus "M-Positive" Parker. This wise man decided to create one very simple app which is composed from his personal motivational YouTube videos.

The app is categorized according to what you need. There are 3 main categories: Lessons, videos and music. The lessons category contains 5 motivational videos: A plan for the future, Learn To Be Yourself, What Motivates You?, Motivation Through Music and Never Say Can't. I love his videos, he seems really like an sharp and smart man, with great talent of speaking. My favorite? Never Say Can't!

Videos contains 3 videos including the life story of Marcus and Music will take you to either iTunes, Google Play or Amazon mp3.

The app is easy to use, simple and fast. Everything runs smooth and it is nicely organized. You can download it from here, it is free and it has perfect rating.