Monday, September 23, 2013

App of the Day - Have fun with the Dating Game App

Hightechholic today will present you one app that will make the time spent with your loved one even more interesting and fun. The Dating Game App will destroy the monotony in your relationship and it will make the hangouts with your partner funny and exciting experience.

The guys that created this app are very creative indeed. They invented a game which couples can play in order to get to know each other, if they just started dating, or a game that they can play if they are long together, but they just want to have fun.

This Dating Game will let you choose from extremely well selected categorized questions. In that way, you will expose yourself to the loved person and you will get to know her/him as well. The shuffle function will enable you to ask random questions. Also, you can create and add your questions as well.

Also if you find some interesting question that you think it is funny or interesting you can post it to Twitter or Facebook. Also you can send it via SMS or email. So, that is it. The game is simple, fun and free and available on the App Store. It is compatible with any device that has iOS 3.0 or later, so practically any iOS mobile device can enjoy this game.

App Store Download Link