Monday, September 23, 2013

App of the Day - Before you rent a car next time check IzziRent first!

Most of the famous companies that rent cars are expensive. Why not have app on your phone that will give you the best quotes and prices? IzziRent is a service enabling you just that. With its two available apps on Google Play and App Store it offers one of the best rent car services for smartphones. So, if you want low cost car rental, then IzziRent is the service you need to try.

Why IzziRent?

First of all, when you are requesting a quote they include more than 850 rent car suppliers to give you the best search results. They also offer various discounts, promotional coupons and special daily deals, with which you can save up to 60%.

Izzi rent website

Their website is really nicely organized and easy to use. After you enter the pick up and the drop off place, the dates, age and country, it will give you various quotes from different companies. After you choose the car you will get detailed info about what you are paying and about the car. Then, you need to pay certain small amount in order to book the car and that's it. Also, there is online support so you can ask questions about your rental.

The Apps

As a every serious company, IzziRent has free iOS and Android app. These guys wanted to make simple, functional and easy to use apps and they did a great job. I especially loved the Android app, although they are not much different. 

These apps will let you compare rent car companies very fast, so you can get the best price for your budget. Getting a quote is really simple and fast and I like that you can also contact support directly from the app. So, if you are in a hurry, these apps will make it very easy and fast to book a car. On top of that, the apps are available in multiple languages and there are instant last minute reservations that will save you when you need to get a car fast. The apps are free and available on App Store and Google Play.