Friday, August 23, 2013

Boost your productivity and e-mail management with Tap Mail

Every business professional gets tens, even hundreds of e-mails daily. Organizing, going through them and managing them can be really annoying and boring. Especially, the viewing and reading of emails on your phones can be really frustrating. The problems are even bigger if you have multiple accounts on various email providers. Tap Mail will definitely make your e-mail communication much easier and simple.

TapMail will give you support to sync mails for many mail services like Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo, Outlook and iCloud. Also, you can effectively manage all your messages. The standard tags are all here and you can classify all your email by simply dragging them to the left. Also you can create different folders for every email you receive, which will definitely improve your productivity and efficiency.

The feature that I personally liked the most, and the reason I'm using TapMail is that it has universal inbox. So, you can receive emails from different email accounts in one inbox. That is pretty useful for people like me who have various email accounts. This feature is called unified accounts.

Also, there is a feature to mark all emails as read or unread, and you can change the thread view. Using the "Alias" feature will help you to separate your personal accounts from your professional accounts.

Another interesting feature of TapMail is that you can see the pictures of people that are sending you email. This looks great on your phone and makes the app even more compelling.

The user interface is smooth, friendly and intuitive. Everything is fast, easy to understand, manage and simple. The developers did a pretty nice job, I got to admit.

The app is available on App Store and the developers are working hard on improving the app and even adding few more quality features. So, don't hesitate and try this great app on your iPhone, iPod or iPad.