Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Wish Booklet - Interesting way to share and organize your desired items

WishBooklet is a fun way of letting your friends and family know what you really wish and desire for. You can easily create wish lists for your personal needs, or your friends and family could fulfill your wish and buy you the product, or they can simply know what you want and you may talk about the product and give you shopping advices.

How to get started

First you need to sign up, which is very fast and simple. Then you will have your account on Wishlist and you can start.

You can create different categories of your favorite items and you can create as many categories as you want. You can add your items in two ways. First you can use site's bookmarklet, which is installing wish it button. This method is the easiest and quickest.

But, what is great about this website is that it allows you to add items from any online store. So basically you can go to your favorite online shops and add items from there on your wishbooklet profile. You'll just need to copy the URL, title, price, category and image.

One of my first wishes

Sharing and following friends

You can share any wishlist with your friends via Facebook, Twitter or send it as an email to all of your contacts. Also, you can follow your friends on wishbooklet and see what they wish for and have fun. There are the standard features in your profile, like putting avatar, changing email and password etc.

So the site is very unique, interesting and fun. It is basically a social wishlist website. I'm definitely having fun this few days with my friends and family, I even convinced my dad to buy me something. :) So don't hesitate and visit the site here.