Sunday, July 7, 2013

Free VoIP app with which you can make calls anywhere in the world

There are numerous VoIP apps available on Google Play. But today we are going to introduce you unique VoIP app. VoX Mobile VoIP/SIP Phone will enable you to make international calls on mobile phones around the globe.

As I said, you will get the option to make free calls, send text messages and make video calls, if the people you want to call have installed this app on their phones and they are connected to the internet. This alone, is great. But, there is more.

The app will enable you to make international calls on mobile phones. It will give you additional number to your mobile phone number, so you'll have 2 lines. With the line from VoX you can call anywhere in the world and thus save huge reasonable amount of money. It is way cheaper than Skype and Vonage.

In order to get a number and account you'll just need to do short and simple sign up. After you finish it, you can start with calls right away.You can also view and manage your account online on your PC or lap top. What is great is that you will get 60 minutes free with this sign up.

You can also view the price for every country and create multiple accounts, for which you will get multiple numbers. The app is easy to use, fast and the UI is clean. I'm basically making most of my calls through the app, because switching between your mobile number and your VoX number is done with just two taps.

So, if you want quality VoIP app which you can use for international calls as well, download it free on Google Play and check their site here.