Monday, July 15, 2013

4 Signs You Should Buy An App (Rather Than Using The Free Version)

In the days of being able to make a purchase with a single flick of your index finger, it’s no surprise that consumers need to exercise considerable self-restraint when scrolling through the endless offerings of an app store. Going for the free version of a program will definitely keep your wallet from hemorrhaging money, but as you grow more comfortable with the incredible consumer choice that modern tablets and smartphones offer, there will be times when you’ll want to spend the equivalent of a cup of coffee—or at most, a take-out meal—on a few apps. If you’re debating whether or not to throw down some of your hard earned money, here are 4 easy signs that you should scrap the free version of an app and go for the full thing:

You’ve Been Using The Free Version For A While And You Still Like It

With so many apps available, it takes something pretty remarkable to consistently hold your attention beyond a few initial uses. If something makes its way into your daily app rotation, and you want to reward the developer for all the hard work, plunk down a few dollars and go pro. The developer will stay in business for another day, and you’ll help encourage future innovation and game-changing entrepreneurialism.

You Want To See The Full Capabilities Of Your Smartphone Or Tablet

It’s easy to forget how powerful our little gadgets are these days. Within two decades, the personal computer went from a particularly expensive addition to a living room or home office to a ubiquitous device that rides around in the pockets of an increasingly large percentage of the population. They’ve become so common in our daily use that we often forget what their more powerful capabilities are. A complex app, such as a video game that existed on a $399 console a few years ago and is now playable on your phone, can help remind you of the technological treasure that we often take for granted.

You’ll Actually Be Using An App For Work

In the last couple of years, there have been a wealth of medical, legal, engineering, and architectural apps that have hit the market, and more professional fields are being included every day. If you find something that will make a considerable tool for your daily workload, make things simple and buy the whole program. If you’ve already determined that the app is beneficial, it’ll be far more time-effective to get the full version immediately, rather than constantly exploring the limits of the trial version whenever the need arises.

You’re Really Starting To Hate The Ads

If you’re tired of getting commercials for storm windows while you’re double-tapping zombies, or sick of desperately closing out pop-ups for life insurance while playing Fruit Ninja, you can always run your practiced finger over the “Buy” button and put an end to your misery. Buying the pro version of every app will quickly take away your finances for other things in life—like those storm windows—but doing it once and a while can give you a brief, blissful respite from the advertisements that bombard every other aspect of your online experience.

Author bio:

John is a blogger who burns through most of his apps to quickly to buy the full versions, although he does have a few classic video games on his iPhone. He writes for Internet insurer Protect Your Bubble, who can help protect all of your gadgets—including your new Samsung Galaxy S4—from the many dangers in the world.