Monday, July 15, 2013

4 Apps That Can Help Protect Your Car

4 Apps That Can Help Protect Your Car - In recent years, the app market has continued to push into new areas of our lives, offering us assistance with our work, exercise, health monitoring, and more. It seemed only natural that our smartphones would inevitably be used as tools to make us safer drivers, and with the current vehicle-based apps on offer, that assumption has definitely been proven correct. Like any other app market, the seemingly endless variety of driving-based programs can quickly become daunting to the uninitiated, but if you’re interested in learning how your smartphone can assist you on the road, here are 4 basic apps that can help keep your car—and anyone inside it—safe.

Car Dashboard

Most of these apps will require a windshield-or-dashboard-mounted bracket for your smartphone, and Car Dashboard is no exception. However, once you finally go through the hassle of mounting the bracket in your vehicle, Car Dashboard immediately makes up for the trouble by giving you an incredible range of helpful diagnostic readouts, like a miniature HUD screen from a cockpit. Temperature, elevation, speed warnings, compass direction, GPS info, and much more are immediately available, all within an attractive and futuristic-looking app that is easy to read.


If you’re one of the many drivers who has trouble keeping track of your vehicle’s maintenance, aCar is definitely for you. This app gives you an incredibly easy way to keep track of the work necessary to keep your car rolling, including general maintenance, oil changes, fill-ups, mileage, receipts, and any other info that is important to keep on hand, both for the longevity of your vehicle and for any trip-based write-offs you may be eligible for come tax season.


This app can be used as a helpful electronic eye that can warn you about potentially unsafe driving conditions, such as lane departure warnings, collision alarms, and more. Combining your phone’s camera and GPS with a few of its own custom sensors, iOnRoad can be used as an additional failsafe for keeping your concentration fully on the road when you’re behind the wheel.
Additionally, this app can also be a great aid for parking in monstrously huge lots, as it can be set to automatically take a picture of your surrounding parking space and mark the spot on your phone’s GPS.

AutoBoy BlackBox

One of the most popular driving-app categories is the “black box,” named after the device in a plane that makes a detailed recording of a flight’s history, useful if there’s ever an accident or issue that needs to be investigated. Since automobile accidents—even ones that result in no damage done to people or additional property—are an increasingly expensive event these days, it can be invaluable to have a video log of your driving day, giving you the perfect evidence for when you’re discussing how someone pulled out in front of you. Autoboy’s BlackBox is one of the best driving log apps out there, and with a particularly effective free version, there’s no reason not to try this out today on your commute.

Once you start digging around iTunes or Google Play, you’ll quickly finding hundreds of apps that can be used to support the overall health of your automobile, but these 4 give you a nice sample tray of the main categories out there, and will let you determine if you’re interested in further exploring your options.

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John is a blogger who has been very fortunate in his driving history, although he once went over a year without having his oil changed. He writes for Internet insurer Protect Your Bubble, who can provide you great rental car protection for your next trip, even if you aren’t using a video black box to record your driving.