Monday, June 10, 2013

Remote Utilities - Quality and reliable Remote Control Software

Screenshot from Remote Utilities 
Having a best cheap laptop or computer is not enough these days, having a remote control software is a must nowadays.You may easily end up in situations that you don't know how to handle, and with the remote control software basically anybody can help you. This is actually most helpful in business environments were the organization and the tasks are complex. With Remote Utilities your business and organization will be much more effective and well managed. Let see the features of this reliable software of proven quality.

Remote Access

The remote access will enable you multiple of features like:

- Full control and view (which is basically the most used connection mode). 
- File transfer 
- Ask User Permission
- Multiple Users and Permissions
- Lock Input and Blank Remote Screen
- Individual Connection Properties
- Multiple Simultaneous Connections
- Folders and Remote Screen Previews
- Adjustable Color Depth and Economode
- Remote Printing

Remote Administration

- Full Active Directory Support
- Power Control
- Terminal Sessions
- Remote Task Manager
- Multiple Monitors Support
- Full UAC Support
- Execute (Remote Execute)
- Command Line
- Remote Registry
- Terminal
- Inventory Manager
- RDP client
- Scanning for RUT-Hosts

Firewall Bypass and Proxy Support

- Internet ID
- Proxy Server Support
- Connect Through Host
- Callback Connection

Remote Installation

- MSI Configurator
- Built-in Remote Install and Update
- Install Using Active Directory Group Policies


- Text Chat
-Voice and Video Chat
- Send Message

Monitoring and Surveillance

- Remote Webcam
- Hide Tray Icon
- Screen Recorder

This is why Remote Utilities is one of the most loved software from the system administrators. It is thorough, detailed, and it enables tons of useful features. Proof of that are the numerous sincere testimonials from the users. 

Remote Utilities is perfectly easy to use and understand. Anyway, if you have some problems the support you'll get from the team of Remote Utilities is fast and great. The software is Windows 8 compatible and it is featured in Cnet and Zdnet downloads. Remote Utilities is free for personal use, and for business use you will get it in very affordable price.