Tuesday, June 18, 2013

4 Reasons To Make The Galaxy S4 Your Next Business Smartphone

Whether you’re a small business owner or an employee at a company that allows (or requires) you to purchase your own smartphone for professional use, you’re going to want something that is powerful, versatile, and popular enough to have a wide range of available apps and services. If you’re currently in the market for a sidekick device to your work computer, here are 4 reasons why you should consider Samsung’s Galaxy S4 for your next smartphone:

Access To Android’s Third Party Apps Market

If you’re setting out to build a smartphone package that is tailored to your personal needs alone—not the requirements of a particular company with a pre-selected phone for its employees—you’re going to want as much variety as possible regarding business apps. The endless options that are constantly making their way to Android-supported markets offer the greatest number of choices for finding something that works for your particular professional needs.

This is especially true if you prefer fast, stripped-down programs to work with. For example, if you’re someone who regularly types format-less notes in WordPad, rather than the newest version of Microsoft Word, you’ll probably have better luck finding a few simple, unobtrusive business apps on the Android market that won’t hamper your productivity with needlessly complex interfaces, letting you quickly brainstorm with rough drafts and then polish later.

The S4’s Size And Battery Life

The Galaxy S4’s screen size of 5 inches puts it right in the pack with other recent smartphones. Where it gains a bit of an edge, however, is with its overall size: its tightly trimmed case and featherweight design give it an excellent screen-to-overall-size ratio, giving you a modern-sized screen on a device that actually fits in your pocket for once. It’s easier to keep your business phone on you at all times if it isn’t the size of a baby laptop, especially if you have a protective case of any kind.
Samsung’s newest phone also sports a very respectable 2,600 mAh battery, giving you enough juice to carry it around all day and still get some work done on the commute home, or when you’re in the waiting room at the dentist’s office.

Comes With 2 Years Of Free Cloud Storage

You’re no doubt familiar with the importance of cloud storage for the modern business world, and this holds especially true for professionally-minded smartphone use. You need to be able to access, update, and save documents on a moment’s notice, with a program that makes it easy to work from a desktop, netbook, smartphone, or any other Internet device.

Currently, a new Galaxy S4 gets you 2 years of free service with Samsung partner Dropbox. With 50 GB of storage provided, it’ll be a long time before you have to upgrade to a meatier account.

Currently, Android-Based Phones Are More Popular Than The Alternatives

This isn’t to say that the others are inferior in anyway, of course. And when it comes to a personal recreational device, you definitely have room to find something that is as original and exciting as possible. For business needs, however, it can be a tremendous benefit to have a smartphone with apps and services that are compatible with the majority. It’ll make it far easier to share information with clients and co-workers, and will be easier and faster to replace if an accident occurs.

Again, for personal use, you might not care that your phone could take longer to replace, or use an operating system that is considerably different from the mainstream. But if your main concern is business integration, you can’t go wrong with an Android phone, and Samsung’s Galaxy S4 is one of the best out there.

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