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Wednesday, June 26, 2013

3 Free Fitness Apps For Your Next Hike

Gadgets of every shape and size have flooded the health and fitness market for decades. Things are a little more streamlined these days, with a multitude of apps for your smartphone that can replace the multiple monitors and devices that were formerly strapped all over your body.

But these can quickly get pricey as well, making your exercise time feel more like a financial obligation than a chance to relax and keep your body healthy. So if you’ve got a smartphone and are looking for a few fitness apps that don’t skimp on the quality, here are 3 of the best that are free of charge:

Pedometer, by Arawella

There are tons of pedometers out there, some of dubious quality that are little more than keychain accessories, all the way to medical-grade devices that will set you back over $100. But if you’re just looking for something that will help you get an idea of how many miles your favorite backwater hike is, this free app is perfect. It does a great job of keeping an accurate pacing for an average-sized adult—although if you’re a bit on the short side, or pushing past 6’5”, you’ll want to adjust it a bit—and it also gives you a rough idea of your general speed, calories burned, and more.

Instant Heart Rate, by Azumio

Keeping track of your heart rate during exercise is definitely a craze these days. Despite the hype, it really is a great way to monitor your cardiovascular improvement over a several month cycle, as well as giving you a heads up on any possible issues you may want to have checked out with a doctor. Many of the stand-alone heart monitors require you to strap a sensor around your chest while you exercise, but the Instant Heart Rate app works by pressing your thumb against your iPhone’s camera lens, turning it into a temporary sensor for your pulse.

ACTIVE, by The Active Network

ACTIVE is a slickly-designed app that serves as a hub for athletic events of any kind. With user-uploaded data, it offers a library of local events and clubs for every kind of outdoor need. So if you’re on vacation or in a new town and are looking for a group to hike or bike with, you may find it on ACTIVE.
These apps will help you justify taking your smartphone on your next 10-mile trek into the wilds. Plus, you’ll save money by not buying things like individual pedometers and heart rate monitors, making both your body and your wallet healthier.

Author bio:

John is a tech blogger who has never successfully taken his own pulse. He writes for Protect Your Bubble, an online insurer of smartphones—including Samsung’s new Galaxy S4—who can help protect your gadgets from all the hazards that await them on the hiking trail.

Monday, June 24, 2013

5 Lesser Known Travel Apps For Your Smartphone

Even the newest member of the smartphone-carrying community has probably seen an abundance of adds for the more famous travel apps out there. Travelocity, Expedia, Priceline, Hotwire, and dozens more have tremendous exposure via television and Internet commercials, to the point where even complete luddites are familiar with their services. If you’re planning a trip and looking to use your smartphone for the first time, you certainly can’t go wrong with using the apps from these major companies, especially if you have enough consumer discipline to not take the first deal that pops up on your screen. But if you’re looking for even more variety, here are 5 lesser known apps that can be a tremendous help while traveling:

Region-Specific Rental Car Apps

You don’t always have to use Hotwire when you’re on the hunt for a great rental deal. There are tons of country, state, and even city-specific rental car apps that provide recent information on prices, models, availability, and last minute deals. A quick search through Google Play or Apple Store provides rental car apps for Hawaii, Ireland, Dubai, and hundreds of other locations. If your vacation or business trip happens to land you in one of these areas, you can definitely increase your rental options by using these local resources in addition to the larger travel apps.

Booking.com App

While not exactly an underground secret, Booking.com isn’t quite as mainstream as its competitors, and offers a few things that are more suited to those looking to venture off the beaten path a bit. While every major travel app will let you book hotel accommodations, Booking.com’s app gives you a bit more variety in the search pool, including private vacation homes, apartments, cabins, beach bungalows, and more. If you take pride in trying to immerse yourself in the local culture when traveling, this app can definitely help you out.

Currency Exchange Rates

There’s no shortage of foreign currency apps available on the various smartphone markets. What makes Etustudio’s Currency Exchange Rates stand out a bit is its functionality, allowing you to make detailed currency charts and access the info offline, making it perfect for someone traveling through 4 or 5 countries in a short period—like a nice jaunt across Western Europe, for example—who needs to deal with several different foreign currencies, possibly on the same day.

Region-Specific Tourism Apps

Once again providing a little competitive balance to the major travel apps, many popular cities and tourist-heavy countries publish their own guides in handy smartphone form—and many of them are completely free. Obviously, a tourism app created by Hong Kong will be setting you up for as many money-separating activities as it can get away with, but you may also get a more personal and accurate feel for your travel destination than what may be offered in a brief summary from the more popular apps out there.


Another popular category in the app market is the various restaurant and nightlife locators. However, if you’re in New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco, and a few other cities in the U.S. and you’re looking for something a little different, give TruxMap a try. This app gives you the location and menu of the participating food trucks around the city, matching up the truck’s current location with your smartphone’s GPS. You’re more likely to get a taste of some unique local culture from one of these trucks than you are from many of the chain restaurants that saturate most tourist areas, and you’ll probably save a little cash as well.

Any of these programs can be a great introduction to the travel apps market for smartphones. And with new releases constantly popping up, you’ll never run out of ways to save a few dollars or find new experiences to try while on vacation.

Author bio:

John is a blogger who loves using his iPhone to find restaurant and gas deals while staying in a new city. He writes for smartphone Insurer Protect Your Bubble, who can protect your smartphone—including Samsung’s new Galaxy S4—from damage, theft, loss, and many of the other dangers that can befall a traveler’s gadgets.

4 Ways To Prevent Gadget Theft While Traveling

Keeping your gadgets away from the opportunistic hands of thieves means a lot more today than it did 10 years ago. Back then, losing a device meant you were out hundreds of dollars—no small amount by any means, but at least the damage was limited to the theft itself. These days, our heightened level of connectivity means that your smartphone is the gateway to your electronic life, with online accounts full of sensitive information available with a few finger swipes.

Even with all the changes that have taken place in our technological ecosystem in a few brief years, one thing has remained constant: vacation hotspots and tourist destinations are still easy places for your gadgets to get “adopted” by someone new, with thieves only requiring a moment or two or inattentiveness. Considering how important it is to your financial life to keep your electronic tools safe, here are 4 ways to prevent gadget theft while traveling:

Travel Safes

These aren’t the bowling ball-sized portable safes that can be easily carried out of your hotel room by a thief and then opened at his leisure. Modern travel safes come in a variety of designs, but one of the more common ones is a sturdy, collapsible canvas sack reinforced with flexible, stainless steel wire to provide a cut-resistant surface. You put your belongings in the bag, lock it shut, then attach it with tamperproof cables to a sturdy holding, such as a pipe, radiator, or other structure.
These safes won’t keep a truly dedicated interloper away from your prized possessions for long, but if properly used they provide a fairly reliable method of protection against smash-and-grab thieves and other crimes of opportunity

Money Belts

In the eternal struggle against petty pickpockets, money belts have been making somewhat of a comeback, and many of them now have dedicated slots for smartphones. The pouches are made thin enough these days that it won’t look like you’re wearing a fanny pack underneath your shirt, which is a benefit for both your overall safety against pickpockets and your fashion sense.  

Deceptive Covers

Another growing trend is the use of tablet and smartphone cases that mask the fact that they’re protecting a gadget, usually by resembling a book or other, far cheaper object. If this option is interesting, you may find better luck with disguising your tablet than your smartphone: many of the phone covers tend to resemble a bulky wallet, which isn’t exactly a turn-off to thieves. But there are a variety of tablet covers that do a fairly passable imitation of a hardcover book or journal; they won’t fool anybody up close for more than a few seconds, but they may be enough for a pickpocket who’s quickly scanning the crowd for an easy mark to overlook you.

Anti-Theft Travel Bags

Coming in a wide variety of sizes and styles, anti-theft travel bags have a series of buttons, zippers, and hidden compartments to stash your valuables as you roam about on your tourist adventures. Depending on how much you want to spend, you can get a simple carrying bag with a bit of extra protection against the light-fingered denizens of society, or a full-blown bank vault in canvas form with dozens of protective layers used to keep its pockets closed for everyone but you. If you don’t mind it taking several minutes for you to dig your smartphone or tablet out from under all that security, anti-theft travel bags may be the way to go.

In addition to keeping your gadgets from getting stolen, you should try to do away with automatic logins for your various online accounts. Despite how annoying it is to peck out your 20-character Netflix password every time you want access, doing so prevents a thief from automatically jumping into your account and effortlessly acquiring your credit or debit card number, address, and other billing info. If you’re already out $400-600 for a phone, tablet, or laptop, the least you can do is make sure that your checking account won’t be drained before you can even get online again.

Author bio:

John is a blogger who constantly struggles to remove the automatic logins for his accounts, despite losing one smartphone in his consumer career already. He writes for Internet insurer Protect Your Bubble, who can provide the kind of identity theft insurance that helps you deal with the disaster of someone else getting your personal info from your smartphone, tablet, or other gadgets.

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

4 Reasons To Make The Galaxy S4 Your Next Business Smartphone

Whether you’re a small business owner or an employee at a company that allows (or requires) you to purchase your own smartphone for professional use, you’re going to want something that is powerful, versatile, and popular enough to have a wide range of available apps and services. If you’re currently in the market for a sidekick device to your work computer, here are 4 reasons why you should consider Samsung’s Galaxy S4 for your next smartphone:

Access To Android’s Third Party Apps Market

If you’re setting out to build a smartphone package that is tailored to your personal needs alone—not the requirements of a particular company with a pre-selected phone for its employees—you’re going to want as much variety as possible regarding business apps. The endless options that are constantly making their way to Android-supported markets offer the greatest number of choices for finding something that works for your particular professional needs.

This is especially true if you prefer fast, stripped-down programs to work with. For example, if you’re someone who regularly types format-less notes in WordPad, rather than the newest version of Microsoft Word, you’ll probably have better luck finding a few simple, unobtrusive business apps on the Android market that won’t hamper your productivity with needlessly complex interfaces, letting you quickly brainstorm with rough drafts and then polish later.

The S4’s Size And Battery Life

The Galaxy S4’s screen size of 5 inches puts it right in the pack with other recent smartphones. Where it gains a bit of an edge, however, is with its overall size: its tightly trimmed case and featherweight design give it an excellent screen-to-overall-size ratio, giving you a modern-sized screen on a device that actually fits in your pocket for once. It’s easier to keep your business phone on you at all times if it isn’t the size of a baby laptop, especially if you have a protective case of any kind.
Samsung’s newest phone also sports a very respectable 2,600 mAh battery, giving you enough juice to carry it around all day and still get some work done on the commute home, or when you’re in the waiting room at the dentist’s office.

Comes With 2 Years Of Free Cloud Storage

You’re no doubt familiar with the importance of cloud storage for the modern business world, and this holds especially true for professionally-minded smartphone use. You need to be able to access, update, and save documents on a moment’s notice, with a program that makes it easy to work from a desktop, netbook, smartphone, or any other Internet device.

Currently, a new Galaxy S4 gets you 2 years of free service with Samsung partner Dropbox. With 50 GB of storage provided, it’ll be a long time before you have to upgrade to a meatier account.

Currently, Android-Based Phones Are More Popular Than The Alternatives

This isn’t to say that the others are inferior in anyway, of course. And when it comes to a personal recreational device, you definitely have room to find something that is as original and exciting as possible. For business needs, however, it can be a tremendous benefit to have a smartphone with apps and services that are compatible with the majority. It’ll make it far easier to share information with clients and co-workers, and will be easier and faster to replace if an accident occurs.

Again, for personal use, you might not care that your phone could take longer to replace, or use an operating system that is considerably different from the mainstream. But if your main concern is business integration, you can’t go wrong with an Android phone, and Samsung’s Galaxy S4 is one of the best out there.

Author bio:

John is a blogger who is continuously impressed with the apps available on the Android market. He writes for protectyourbubble.com, an Internet Insurer that can help protect your new Galaxy S4 from spills, drops, defects, theft, and all of the other hazards to a smartphone’s life.

Davids Ultra Sound - Great place to find quality TV and TV accessories for reasonable prices!

Samsung UN F6400 1080p 120Hz 3D Slim Smart LED HDTV - The best seller right now in David's Ultra Sound
We at hightechholic.com always strive to promote stores, websites or products that are quality, but at the same time affordable. Well, we certainly found that in David's Ultra Sound, TV discount store that you must check out before you buy new TV or TV accessories.

This online store is neatly organized, well equipped and you can basically find TV for any desired price range. The brands that he store has are also varied and numerous, so you will find TVs from many famous brands like Samsung, LG, Panasonic, Sharp etc. Also, the site offers various categorizations like: LCD, LED, Plasma, Smart HDTVs, 3D HDTVs and Portable TVs.

David's Ultra Sound also offers many TV accessories like: DVD Players, Blu-Ray Players, Digital Media Devices, Home Theater Systems, Projectors and other accessories like 3D Glasses, remotes, adapters, speakers any many other unusual accessories like shower radios, bookshelf speakers and satellite speakers.

I found it very creative how the website offers you categorizations in which you can check which products are most sold, most wished for and even get gift ideas.

The site has great reputation and I'm sure that you'll find your desired TV or TV accessory for a very reasonable price. The amount and the variation of products is certainly one of the biggest and best out there on the web.

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Seymour Direct - Quality Mobile Credit Card Machines and Merchant Services

Having a Credit Card Machine is a must. No matter which services you offer, you must enable your customers to pay with credit cards. Getting a credit card machine is easy. There are several kinds of them and they are easy available in almost any country.

The most used is the traditional credit card terminal, but interestingly, now there are virtual terminals which enable you to pay with your phone. Getting one of this terminals is easy. But setting it up and many other things can be problematic and often there is a professional help needed. The best thing to do is to open merchant account and find solid provider of Merchant Services.

Why do you need Merchant Services?

Well the managing of this payment method is complex. You will surely need help in setting up the system, the security and analyzing the business type and trading area. The smartest thing to do is finding quality provider of Merchant Services that will do these, and a lot more, things for you. One of the best, and the most affordable, in the business are Seymour Direct.

They are practically giant in the card machine and merchant services business. They can supply you with card machines and with great support with their merchant services. In order to use their services you'll need Merchant Account. which you'll get easy and fast. They will set up your account in less than 3 weeks.

Seymour Direct are in this business for over 20 years and they have thousands of customers already. They have authority in this business and surely the knowledge and experience. And, not only that they are providing security services like protecting you from card fraud and similar fraudulent card activities.

So if you want your business to grow and to be effective and secure than acquiring a good provider of Merchant Services like Seymour Direct is a must. The prove for their great work are their experience and the hundreds of sincere testimonials by loyal customers.

Control computers with the amazing All in one Keylogger

If you are a family man, business man or a boss, then you got to lead someone. One of the basic principles of leading is control. Without control sometimes a lot of mistakes and unwanted events happen. So, to stop that and have better view of what your friends, partners, kids or employees are doing, we decided to present you this great product. All In One KeyLogger made by Relytec will enable you to easily monitor certain persons.

What is KeyLogger:

- Invisible Keylogger surveillance software
- Keystrokes Recorder,
- Monitoring Spy Software tool that registers every activity on your PC to encrypted logs.

So the KeyLogger will enable you to track all activities secretly and automatically receive information on your email.

Why is it useful?

Protecting your family 

Maybe you think that the internet is all about entertainment, fun and communication. So, that is why you think that your children are probably talking with their friends and playing videos or watching movies. But, there are hundreds of threats online like pedophiles, viruses etc or sick and weird news and porn. So, with keylogger you can prevent any kind of unwanted event.

Monitoring your employees

If you are a boss, or any kind of supervisor.. then with KeyLogger you can easily monitor what your employees are doing. You can see whether they are wasting their time with games, Facebook or YouTube. You can make them more productive and effective with KeyLogger and gain authority. 

Monitoring your computer

See what is happening on your computer, and get instant notifications if some unwanted person is on it.

There are a lot of things that KeyLogger can help you do. There is no doubt that is quality, effective and extremely useful software. Grab it from the link bellow and watch the video to visually see its features. 

Monday, June 10, 2013

Remote Utilities - Quality and reliable Remote Control Software

Screenshot from Remote Utilities 
Having a best cheap laptop or computer is not enough these days, having a remote control software is a must nowadays.You may easily end up in situations that you don't know how to handle, and with the remote control software basically anybody can help you. This is actually most helpful in business environments were the organization and the tasks are complex. With Remote Utilities your business and organization will be much more effective and well managed. Let see the features of this reliable software of proven quality.

Remote Access

The remote access will enable you multiple of features like:

- Full control and view (which is basically the most used connection mode). 
- File transfer 
- Ask User Permission
- Multiple Users and Permissions
- Lock Input and Blank Remote Screen
- Individual Connection Properties
- Multiple Simultaneous Connections
- Folders and Remote Screen Previews
- Adjustable Color Depth and Economode
- Remote Printing

Remote Administration

- Full Active Directory Support
- Power Control
- Terminal Sessions
- Remote Task Manager
- Multiple Monitors Support
- Full UAC Support
- Execute (Remote Execute)
- Command Line
- Remote Registry
- Terminal
- Inventory Manager
- RDP client
- Scanning for RUT-Hosts

Firewall Bypass and Proxy Support

- Internet ID
- Proxy Server Support
- Connect Through Host
- Callback Connection

Remote Installation

- MSI Configurator
- Built-in Remote Install and Update
- Install Using Active Directory Group Policies


- Text Chat
-Voice and Video Chat
- Send Message

Monitoring and Surveillance

- Remote Webcam
- Hide Tray Icon
- Screen Recorder

This is why Remote Utilities is one of the most loved software from the system administrators. It is thorough, detailed, and it enables tons of useful features. Proof of that are the numerous sincere testimonials from the users. 

Remote Utilities is perfectly easy to use and understand. Anyway, if you have some problems the support you'll get from the team of Remote Utilities is fast and great. The software is Windows 8 compatible and it is featured in Cnet and Zdnet downloads. Remote Utilities is free for personal use, and for business use you will get it in very affordable price. 

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Check out this awesome desktop world time clock

I always been fan of good looking desktops. It looks amazing to me when the desktop of a lap top or PC is perfectly and cleanly organized, with great wallpaper and gadgets. Recently, we found one great free desktop world time clock that looks and works perfectly fine. Basically this is what our site needed, a clock that can show what is time on several cities in different parts of the world. Why we needed this? Because we collaborate with many people around the globe, and we want to know at what time we call or contact them.

So if you are in similar situation, or simply you want to know what is the weather in different cities, this is the gadget you want to install on your desktop.

What is great about this software is that it includes over 600 cities in over 220 countries and there are some great customize features. You can choose which cities will be displayed on your desktop, in which font and font size, the format of the date and date shown and also whether the world time to be shown in 12 or 24 hours format.

On top of that, this desktop gadget offers local weather. So if you choose the feature, not only that you'll see the time, you'll also see the weather in some pretty appealing icons. Also there is the time converter, which will enable you to see and compare the time with another specified city.