Thursday, May 23, 2013

We present you Camnebula - Cloud for your remote surveillance

If you are a owner of a store or any other object where there is surveillance than you must be frustrated, as most of the software and hardware record video locally. Also, installing cameras and surveillance devices in your home is expensive. And you can save your home or object from thieves or any other unwanted occurrance with this interesting software called Camnebula. It enables you to store all of your surveillance videos in a cloud and that will enable you to access them whenever you want.

The guys from Camnebula are offering the free software Webcam Watchdog 5.0 for anyone who want to test their service. This software works in very simple manner. Basically, with the Webcam Watchdog you can easily monitor the remote location on your smartphone, tablet or desktop computer.

After you install the software, the webcam will detect any motion in your remote location. When the Webcam Watchdog detects a motion you will get instant email alert. The webcam will record the motions and you will be able to view them right away through the cloud,
on your smartphone, tablet or PC. Pretty useful right? Check this interesting and useful software here.