Friday, May 31, 2013

Get more visitors to your website with Million Marketeers

The biggest issue for every publisher or online business are the visitors. Sometimes, even though your content or product are amazing, there are not much visitors on your website because your buried in the 4 or 5th page on Google. The hardest thing is when there are already many authority websites in your niche. Then you will hardly get visitors at all, and you simply can't compete with the giant websites.

With so little visitors you can hardly convince sponsors that your site has value. They will see that your Alexa ranking is too big and probably won't invest in your website. Also, you can't benefit from the good paying advertising agencies like Adsense or Buy and Sell ads. So, instead of buying SEO services, that will probably help you increase only 10-15% of your traffic, and this will happen in longer period of time, I suggest you get this quality traffic booster - Million Marketeers.

The visitors are real, and not some bots. The program works with rotating URL. When a visitor want to visit their rotating URL to gather information, this URL will rotate the visitor to your website. That is why I'm telling you that the visitors are real. It is simple as that.

In their cheapest model you will get minimum 6000 visitors monthly for a whole year. I think that is a great deal, for the money as this visits are recorded on Google Analytics, StatCounter and most of the other web statistics tools.