Saturday, May 11, 2013

Advanced Task Scheduler

Advanced Task Scheduler is one of the best tools to organize your future tasks and to follow them thoroughly. It is a must buy product for every serious IT departments or professionals, because it will enable you great management of your tasks in a variety of network environments.

Advanced Task Scheduler offers various scheduling tools that will enable you to automatically run the scheduled task once, or hourly, daily, monthly, yearly, at a specified period of time, after starting the computer or after some events.

Also, Advanced Task Scheduler can automate many of your routine tasks, thus making you more productive and effective. Automatically running of certain programs will save you time of opening and finding them. But, they also offer a feature of stopping processes at a certain period of time, and there is of course the automatic shutdown feature.

Another useful feature are the pop up messages, they will definitely help you to not forget the things that you planned to do.

So basically Advanced Task Scheduler has these features:

- Allows launching programs
- Scripts and batch files

- Opening documents and Internet pages 
- Displaying popup messages and reminders 
- Playing sounds 
- Sending network and e-mail messages
- Shutting down and restarting computer
- Stopping running processes 
- Establishing and closing network connections 
- Performing FTP
- Archive and file operations - automatically

Advanced Task Scheduler is available in 3 editions: Advanced Task Scheduler, Advanced Task Scheduler Professional and Advanced Task Scheduler Network. They vary in price because they offer different features.

You can check Advanced Task Scheduler here and find what edition will be a best fit for your needs.