Thursday, May 30, 2013

3 Ways To Transform Your New Galaxy S4 Into A Portable Office

With its great screen size, feather-light weight, 13 megapixel camera, and overall sleekness, Samsung’s Galaxy S4 is the perfect smartphone for business professionals looking for an ever-present lifeline to work. Being able to comfortably bang out a few quick emails or do some last-minute word processing are crucial aspects of a smartphone’s ability to replace that bulky laptop or tablet you’re sick of lugging around. If you’re committed to making the new S4 a suitable gadget for work on the go, here are 3 things that can help transform your new phone into a portable office:

Printing Apps

The multitude of printing apps on the market allows your smartphone to access any printer that’s connected to an available wireless network. Combined with a cloud-based storage system, these apps give you the ability to print out important documents wherever you are, giving you a limitless digital briefcase that contains your most important info.

If you’re looking for recommendations, iCan-Print is a very serviceable printing app that interacts well with linked-up printers and gets the job done. However, the app will cost you when you need printing “refills,” so this one is best used sparingly.

Scanning Apps

One of the most useful business features of a smartphone is the ability to use its camera as a handheld scanner, letting you make an electronic copy of important paperwork wherever you happen to find yourself. The Galaxy S4’s 13 megapixel camera makes this easier than ever before, getting you one step closer to a perfect simulation of the quality scanner you have at work.

JotNot is a great scanner app to try out on your new smartphone. If you want the ability to fax your scanned documents it’ll actually cost you extra, but you shouldn’t have to open your wallet to do anything else, including emailing your docs as attachments or uploading them to cloud storage.

A Wireless Rollup Keyboard

One of the greatest add-ons for modern gadgets, Bluetooth keyboards made from rubber or foam that can be rolled up and kept in your pocket will let you actually type out an entire document on your S4. If you’re going to be doing any word processing beyond a 2 paragraph email, you definitely want one of these.

They come in a variety of sizes and prices—anywhere from $19.99 to north of $199.99—so there’s definitely something that will meet your comfort needs. With the ease of connectivity of modern Bluetooth devices, you can set your phone down on a coffee shop table, unroll your keyboard, and be typing at full speed in moments.

As the Galaxy S4 comes into its own, we’re bound to see countless additional features and apps pop up that will continue to make it an increasingly vital device for mobile working. But in the meantime, an app for printing, one for scanning, and a rollup keyboard will immediately transform your phone into a portable office that can be set up in seconds and stowed away again in your pocket.

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