Monday, May 13, 2013

2 way SMS - Send or receive SMS online

Sending long SMS messages is really annoying thing to do. Also, often, sending SMS to a foreign country can be expensive. So we will present you website that will enable you to sent, or receive SMS messages online. 2 Way SMS is really a reliable company that offers top quality service. Here is what you need to do in order to start receiving and sending SMS online.

First, you need to register. You will find the link at the bottom of the homepage. Fill in the needed data and leave your real email address, because they will send you confirmation email on it.

Second, after you log into your account you'll need to shop for a plan according to your needs and goals. Prices will depend on the country and the amount of SMS. Also, you will pay for a plan only ones, there are no monthly charges or fees.

Third, when you finish purchasing a plan, you will own a number that will enable you to send and receive SMS online. If your want to send even more SMS, you can buy SMS traffic on the website.

2Way SMS is a serious and reliable company, the website is really smooth, simple, accurate and concise. Also their support is amazing, and they are easy to contact if you have any kind of problems. If you need service like online messaging, then 2Way SMS is your savior. We use it, and we'll continue used, that's why we recommend it.