Sunday, April 28, 2013 Offers a Profitable Relationship with Electronic Media

Unbiasly officially unveiled, the new media phenomenon will be officially unveiled. Already reputed by its beta users as the next big thing in news delivery and consumption, timely bridges the continuously widening gap between content creators and end-users.

The contents are displayed in ways that give the users overriding control over what they read, when and how, yet without bias or prejudice. News sources can’t be filtered or excluded, hence the name:

But perhaps the most distinctive feature of the platform is its symbiotic relationship model with electronic media outlets. It is designed not to only benefit the end-users but also with the producers of news in mind.

Dwindling advertisement money is the single greatest threat facing many electronic media outlets today, but is now offering a solution. three distinctive features

Each content provider is given a “space” where they can advertise the stories that come from their sites in a way that does not compromise the user’s experience. The allotted spot or space given to a provider could be displayed in three different ways and depends on the amount of the content produced.

There is also the use of media Application Programming Interface (API) that would give invaluable insights and analytic resources to media sites in order to have some general knowledge about their users: what they are reading, their reactions, comments and ratings, etc.

The whole idea is a smart move. 

It embraces a healthy relationship with providers by supplying them with resources that will engender production of more quality contents. More quality production, subsequently leads to more readership: an enduring and profitable cycle.