Monday, February 18, 2013

Web Design of Today

A good web design in any site is a big deal nowadays. People come and go as they squeeze time to visit websites and consume information throughout the day’s busy schedule. Yet, every person in this world tend to love visiting sites and choose those which are of the best designs and attractive features. The web design that we have come to know today has evolved over a course of time. A web design would never be a “web design” of today if it has not gone through many improvements.

History of Web Design

From the simple line-mode browser to the complex network of design principles and elements, web design has gone a fair recent history. In 1991 to 1993, the World Wide Web was born after Tim Berners-Lee’s proposal of his global hypertext project. It was the early days of WWW in which texts can only be read from a simple line-mode browser. Putting graphical design elements such as images and sounds were still unknown. It was when after W3C was created in October 1994 that encouraged one company to help the fast web design evolution over the years.

The First Browser Competitions

Starting from 1996 when Microsoft released its first ultimate browser which is the first to support sheets, designers were driven in innovating the HTML tables into complex lay-outs which are hard to be completed during those times. However, CSS was created by W3C that can support presentation and layouts that allow the HTML to be semantic until Flash was developed afterwards. The time that had elapsed from the simple layout to a complex and powerful web designing has enabled designers to develop a network of web pages or so-called as websites.

The Use of Tools and Technologies

As every professional web designer does, the usage of the appropriate tools and technologies in their own field is a must. Web designers (look at web developers India for help!) also use a wide variety of different tools and technologies depending on the part of the production that they are working on. Over a course of time, these tools are updated with newer software in order to create a more desirable effect that is still lying on the same principles. Web designers use vector and graphic display packages in creating graphics in your website. A hand-coded or generated standardized mark is also used as one of the innovative technologies. Optimization is important to search engines and recommended for more improvements.

Tips on Web Design

In every website, it is important to that it is user-friendly in which instructions are stated clearly for users. It is a good practice to have a better page layout to avoid disorder. A user will get confused looking at a disorganized website. Another thing, if you want to keep your target market, make sure that a user could have a  good visual experience while running through your webpages.

As time has passed, so did the evolution of web design over a short period of time. It started from the simplest line-mode texts and had been the “web design” that we know of today. Be prepared to meet the latest innovative web design in upcoming years!