Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Follow your emails with Bananatag

Surely, when you communicate through email you want to know whether your message is read or the link that you posted is clicked, so we present you the Bananatag application that will help you follow your Gmail messages.

With the help of Bananatag directly through Gmail you can see that your emails are read and whether any of the links in the content was clicked. Bananatag offers and analyze your email messages, or how many of them are open - unopened unique or repetitive clicked or not clicked at all, or they are opened through desktop or mobile device.

Bananatag is available as an extension for Chrome and Firefox, Outlook, and can be implemented in any of your favorite email clients. Once you install the extension, when you open Gmail is supposed to have two new buttons - Bananatag, immediately to the right of the search box and Tag next to the button to send the message. The function of the Bananatag button is to lead you to the board to monitor the emails and Tag is whether the message to be followed.

There are no changes in the sending of messages, except that you will need to press the Tag button if you want to follow the message. However, if you use the application free you will be limited to 5 messages a day, for more you'll have pay.