Saturday, January 5, 2013

CogniFit - one of the best places to train your brain

This time we did review of CogniFit, another useful website, about Brain fitness and training. You can use it in order to improve your brain and mental skills. It is confirmed that such applications and games can improve your brain, and CogniFit did an excellent job in terms of number of games, individualized training, various options and easy and simple use.

First step is logging in, which is very easy, as you can connect via Twitter or Facebook account and just add your e-mail. Then you have profile on the site, which is very neatly organized and offers interesting options.

On the left side there are life tips with various tags, such as Intelligence tips, Everyday life, depression etc. Bellow that section, there are people you may know and you can connect to them through CogniFit.

There are 2 main categories on your dashboard: Training and Assessment. Training offers 10 different states of mind for which you can prepare, actually this personalizes your brain training. For example, if you feel stressed, first you have to tell CogniFit how stressed you are (from 1 to 10) and then according to your stress level CogniFit will arrange brain training game that are more relaxing.

Assessment is another cool option which will tell you what are your brain's pros and cons. For example you can have great memory, but you also can be bad at concentration. According to the results of various games, it will tell you which brain skills you need to improve, and which brain skills are your best weapon.

You can also buy and play various applications according to your interests.

So if you need brain training in order to improve your mental abilities and stay sharp give a try to this great site.