Wednesday, January 23, 2013

AbanteCart - Maybe the best free e-commerce solution out on the web

Demo of how your store would look like using AbanteCart
At the start we want to introduce what actually AbanteCart is. It's a free e-commerce application that will easily guide you through the e-commerce world. So if you are a small, or medium size merchant then AbanteCart is maybe the best solution for you, as it's free and it offers various advantages. Just to get the picture, this are some of the key features that you'll get with AbanteCart:

1. Free download, use and support.

It's free to use and as the website has forum you can find support and help there, or help others.

2. Easy and fun to use

With AbanteCart you can easily start selling products online. You don't need to have experience in e-commerce, or take training and watch tutorials. You just need basic computer knowledge. Also the various tools in the control panel make AbanteCart easy and fun to use.

3. Flexibility and expandability 

AbanteCart is very versatile application, you can set it in any way that you want, in order to achieve best sales and with the growing number of extensions you can develop your shopping cart.

4. Fast and secure.

Not only that is easy to use and organized, AbanteCart is also fast and secure. The app is also 24/7 monitored for performance and security.

5. No limits.

There are no limits on the size of your product inventory, number of customers, traffic limit or any other limitations. You can customize your AbanteCart as you want.

Also AbanteCart offers to you its hosting services, which you are not obligated to take. They seem like a very organized and serious company. Don't hesitate to check their site which is very simple, informative and neatly organized. But we feel that we have to inform you for the things you need in order to use AbanteCart:

- comply with free OSL 3.0.
- Web Server (Apache, recommended)
- PHP v5.2+ (recommend 5.3+)
- MySQL v5.0+
- Curl or fsock support.