Thursday, December 6, 2012

Want to stop losing your things? Check out this Bluetooth Stickers..

Yes, this awesome gadget exist! Group of designers has developed stickers that you can paste on your things that you usually lose and using these stickers you can track where you left them.

Stick and Find stickers are connected with an application for Smartphones. They are big like a coin and you can connect them to the phone at a distance up to 30 meters, and the battery lasts about a year. The application works like this: the screen displays the objects that are glued with stickers, how far are you from them, and in which direction you should go, and with a "double-click" on the screen you will make the stickers to emit sounds.

This idea currently raised over $ 120,000 through Indiegogo in order to realize, that is almost two times more than the projected $ 70,000. Great idea and really helpful for those who forget where they leave things.