Sunday, November 4, 2012

Teenager created hit app for iPhone

An application for reading news, created by high school student from London, grabbed the 9th place on "App Store", only after 2 hours it was released on this site.

The name of the application is "Summly" and it was created by Nick D'aloisio, 17 year old student from London.  Apparently, $1 million was invested in this app.

Although some critics have said it is "confusing", in average users gave four out of five stars.

Applications "Summly," which can be downloaded for free, uses algorithms to compress news and articles published on the Internet, and users can choose the ones that interest them and read them as a whole.

The long term plan of D'aloisio is to charge users to read certain articles in a whole, at a low price.

D'aloisio, who on Thursday turned 17 years, wants to go to college after high school, but also wants to remain in his company.