Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Stylish computers in Paris ..

George Chirita, a Romanian electronics engineer came to idea to unite tradition and technology.
Together with a group of craftsmen he completed the "stylish" computers, or computers that can fit in with a  furniture in the style of Louis XV and Louis XVI.

In his workshop in the Paris suburb arise elegant computers whose monitors have gilded frames, decorated with marble pillars and royal eagles, while the mouse and keyboard are covered with leather.

For this project, George worked with several experienced artisans skillful in processing marble, alabaster, semi-precious stones and very precious metal.

Prices of these luxury computers are starting from 17,000 euros, depending on the style and level of processing, the effort and the use of very precious materials,explains Chirita who himself makes ​​80% of the electronic parts of computers.

"Our clientele is international," says the French entrepreneur, adding that the Chinese prefer models with a shiny look, while buyers from the Gulf  countries are looking ornaments in matte gold color.

Take a look at the models at chirita.com.