Monday, July 2, 2012

Sony buys cloud gaming service Gaikai

Sony announced that they will buy the cloud gaming service Gaikai for astonishing $380 million.

This acquisition will help Sony to improve its cloud offer, said Andrew House, the head of Sony's videogame business.
"It's recognition on Sony's part that the cloud and cloud streaming technologies are going to have profound and possibly a very positive impact on not only our game business, but also in the way our consumers interact with and obtain content in general," he added.

Earlier there were rumors about possible deal between this two companies, when Guikai reportedly asked for $500 million.

Once the decision was made official, this deal will have to get the approval of certain regulatory bodies. 

What this move will bring to Sony? Was it smart to buy when they are in the worst year in their history? 

Anyway, one of the greatest products of Sony, the Sony Walkman, yesterday celebrated his 33rd birthday.