Sunday, July 1, 2012

Collapse of RIM? BlackBerry sales dropped 43 percent!
Canadian tech giant Research In Motion, maker of the Blackberry mobile phones this week suffered a loss that could easily take this company out of the smartphone market.

The company announced that sales in the previous quarter dropped by a whopping 43 percent - a loss per share was 28 cents.

How bad is it? All analysts predicted that RIM will suffer a loss, but rarely who predicted that the loss will be 28 cents per share. The average expectation was a loss of 3 cents per share. (On Wednesday afternoon before the published financial report, the company has stopped trading stocks).

RIM's share of the global smartphone market fell in the first quarter by a half, according to analyst reports. To stay in the game, the company says it has saved billions of dollars eliminating jobs for about 5,000 employees.

And that's not all. Actually, it worse than this. Specifically, Heins has revealed that RIM's "card in the sleeve" - the new line of 10 BlackBerry smartphones will not arrive on the market until 2013. In previous statements, RIM officials mentioned that the BlackBerry 10 will reach the market at the end of 2012.

Will 2013 be too late for this troubled giant, which once reigned the smartphone market?