Monday, April 9, 2012

Pinterest is the third largest network in America!

Тhe analytic company Experian Hitwise stated that Pinterest, a relatively young social network, is on the third place in popularity, right behind the giants Facebook and Twitter.

According to information for visits only in March, and only in the U.S., the order is:

1. Facebook: 7 billion
2. Twitter: 182 million
3. Pinterest: 104 million
4. LinkedIn: 86 million
5. Tagged: 72 million
6. + Google: 61 million
7. Instagram: 10.2 million
8. Foursquare: 2.9 million.

ComScore, however, according to Mashable, doesn't put Pinterest in the fifty most popular sites in February, although LinkedIn is on the list. This company measures the unique visitors, not all visits, so LinkedIn in February had 36 million visitors.

Pinterest works like this. You create boards, and within these categories you can put photos, messages, links and other content that is normally found on social networks. You "pint" your posts in thecategory you want.

The site was launched in March 2010. years, first as a closed beta, but later moved to an open beta version, which meant that the registration need invitations.

So I opened a Pinterest acount, and I'll give it a try.