Wednesday, July 29, 2020

Game of the Day – SpellBeeStar

What is SpellBeeStar?
A fun kids learning app for your little one to have fun and learn to spell, learn word definitions and improve their vocabulary. It’s one of the most exciting and creative education apps for an interactive learning experience.

Standout Features:
  •          Fun and creative interactive learning
  •          Exciting spelling bee experience
  •          Learn to spell
  •          Learn word definitions and improve vocabulary
  •          Compete against players worldwide
  •          Train to improve your spelling skills
  •          Spelling test and study mode function
  •          3 skill levels
  •          Hints with word definitions

Uniqueness: Medium
Fun of play: High
Potential of going viral: Medium

Compatibility: IOS 13.0 or later
Developer:  didier leveille
Official Website: SpellBeeStar
App Store Download Link: SpellBeeStar