Tuesday, May 19, 2020

App Review – Conceal Friendly

When it comes to legally owning a gun, there is one common problem for all owners which arises when they visit places that are not gun-friendly. Very often legal gun owners face uncomfortable situations like having to leave a place just because the business/shop/bar is not gun-friendly. Conceal Friendly tackles this problem, let’s see how.

General Introduction

This iOS & Android travel and local app gives information about gun-friendly places that allow you to conceal carry within legal limits. It tends to help users to find places that are carry-friendly and avoid uncomfortable situations when their gun is not welcomed.


The app has a simple login process and requires a subscription, and approval to use your location. After you do all that, the app will show your location on a map and from then you can explore your area for places. When you tap on a place, the app will show you whether it is a carry-friendly or a gun-free zone.
If you find a place you like you can get directions to visit it within the app. The app is based on votes from users like you, so try to give votes after visiting a place so you can help the community. Another reason to vote are the rewards that you can win on a monthly basis.
If you are a legal gun owner and want to conceal carry within legal limits in gun-friendly places, Conceal Friendly is a must-try. Get it now for free!

Google Play Download Link: Conceal Friendly
Apple download link: Conceal Friendly