Saturday, February 8, 2020

Clicker Game of the Month - LootMaster

Clicker games are quite popular among smartphone users and to help you with the search for the most interesting one, we introduced you to BoomLoot's LootMaster a couple of days ago. Because we enjoyed the nice blend of idle gaming, real-time strategy and RPG elements so much, we are pronouncing it as our Clicker Game of the Month.

Basic Introduction 
BoomLoot’s LootMaster is a loot game developed on the IOS and Android platform as a nice blend of idle gaming with some real-time strategy and RPG elements with a serving of adventure on the side. With sharp graphics and super fun sounds, this game offers you the chance to be a sneaky pirate, unlock loots and win coins while battling and attacking opponents.

Loots, Upgrades, Battles, and More
Every time you unlock a loot in LootMaster, a nicer loot will await for you so you need to try and unlock all the loots you possibly can. Nicer the loot, more coins it will require. From the game’s bonuses collect coins and loot and get free coins in the game’s gift shop while your loots are unlocking. 

To help you through the game, LootMaster offers different gils, coins, and boosters you can unlock as you progress. The coins you collect can be used for you to upgrade your loots, their amount and speed. In the game, your hero can be upgraded too so he can take more hits, give more damage and speed his cooldown time to attack the opponents faster. Upgrade levels, collect loots and get your coins to attack and battle opponents to become the best loot master of the game.

Download the game on App Store and Google Play to become a sneaky pirate and have a blast!

Official Website: BoomLoot’s LootMaster
App Store Download Link: BoomLoot’s LootMaster
Google Play Download Link: BoomLoot’s LootMaster