Friday, February 28, 2020

App Review – Sacred Geometry Meditation

Meditation carries all kinds of benefits. If you’re feeling anxious, down, or in pain, meditation can help — dozens of studies show that it works. Meditation actually rewires your brain and calms your nervous system. We came across Sacred Geometry Meditation that offers all you need to improve your mental health and well-being with an enhanced meditation experience.

Basic Introduction
This meditation and mindfulness app is developed on the Android platform, very easy to use, efficient and with a clean user-friendly interface. Enhance your meditation experience and improve your mental health and well-being by getting access to variety of ancient shapes for contemplation along with amazing Solfeggio frequencies with binaural beats on Sacred Geometry Meditation.

App’s Features
Choose to work on your basic trust and meditate while releasing unconscious blockages, negative beliefs and ideas that led you to current situations. Get in contact with inexhaustible source of energy for transforming yourself and your life with the app’s geometry shapes and frequencies specially made for that. Activate your imagination and intuition to achieve your goals with the app’s shapes and frequencies for wisdom and power. 
Learn to express yourself and clean your cells from toxins, working on your communication skills. Mediate to build awareness and develop your spirituality to reconnect with your true being and the energies of the spiritual world. Control the sound’s volume as you meditate, look for meditation techniques that suit you and reconnect with yourself with the app’s help.

Download it on Google Play to develop yourself spiritually and build awareness!
Google Play Download Link: Sacred Geometry Meditation