Thursday, January 2, 2020

App Review – EX Sports

Nowadays with all kinds of technology available, sports apps can be quite helpful and efficient for all athletes, fans and even sports collectors. For all of you that like to trade, buy or sell digital sports collectibles there are apps specially designed for that. We discovered EX Sports, the sports app with digital collectibles for sports.

Basic Introduction
This sports app is specially created as a digital sports platform for all collectors, fans, and athletes. Developed on the Android platform and soon available for the IOS platform too, the platform has a high-quality design with advanced features and different sports available for users to sell, buy and trade digital sports collectibles with just a few taps.

App’s Features 
This digital sports platform offers you a variety of sports to choose from so you can sell, buy or trade-in boxing, MMA, Jiu-Jitsu, eSports and others. Choose cards you like to trade, buy or sell and get the detailed card info and the transaction info instantly available. 
For all collectors, sports fans and athletes, EX Sports offers a special reward program as well for a unique revenue share model to increase fan engagement for all sports. Updates and the latest news for all digital sports collectibles can be discovered within this app.
Download the app on Google Play to buy, sell, trade and get rewarded!
Official Website: EX Sports
Google Play Download Link: EX Sports