Saturday, November 9, 2019

Game Review - Casual Tennis - The ultimate low poly tennis game

Tennis games have had a hard time keeping up with other genres in terms of quality. These days, you’ll find games with a little bit of polish, but the biggest, most in-depth titles are generally freemium games. That is disappointing, but that’s why we are here to give you a hand and try some mobile simulations that are worthy of your free time. One of them is the cool Casual Tennis, a low poly tennis game for android.

Casual Tennis Intro

If you’re interested in hitting some ball in new, challenging and addictive tennis mobile simulator than keep read carefully, because here we will cover a quite interesting one called Casual Tennis which is worthy of some attention for all of you game lovers. No matter if you’re adult or a teen, this game can be played by anyone. Let’s take a look in some details now.

25 Players, 189 Opponents, Casual

First of all, this is a stick cartoon characters low poly tennis simulation which doesn’t require an internet connection. The game is limited only in single mode and it’s playing by using the thumb swishing over the screen. It features super-cool visual graphics, artwork and entertaining ambient sound effect which will remind you of some the best older arcade games.

Give it a try and see how far you can go in this tennis simulation. Different Courts, Tournaments, 25 Players, 189 Opponents and many extra bonus levels awaits you to be unlocked.
Casual Tennis is available on Play Store for free downloading, so check it out, or visit the official web if you’re interested in more info about this mobile tennis game. 

Google Play Download Link: Casual Tennis

Official Website: Casual Tennis