Monday, October 21, 2019

Highway Circle is an Exquisite Loop 2D Racer for Android

There are a lot of different gaming markets out there, catering to all kinds of entertainment. But a market that has grown significantly over the last few years is casual mobile games. As the name suggests, casual games are not aimed towards your 'sit down and focus' clan. They are more focused on simple challenges and high score system that keeps you going. One such game is Highway Circle – a cool casual racer we recently discovered on Google Play.

Highway Circle Basic Intro

Highway Circle is a loop 2D racer where you need to drive your car on the highway without crashing into other cars. The movement is fixed, you just control the speed of the car. It falls in the category of do not crash games. 

Your Mission & Features

Your mission in this driving game is to avoid all the obstacles on the highway and collect coins as much as possible, unlock new cars and become the ultimate Highway Circle player.
To achieve that in this loop racer, you always need to drive at the right speed with your brake and gas pedal. Don’t go too fast, since then crashing into the other cars will be inevitable.

When it comes to the gameplay, expect interesting colorful graphics and entertaining sound effects which makes the game more dynamic. Collect the daily rewards, collect more coins and use them to unlock some of the cool cars!

Get Highway Circle on your Android device from the Play Store link and give it a try! Start your driving adventure and share your impressions with us!
Google Play Download Link: Highway Circle