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Monday, September 30, 2019

Game of the Day – Space Fighter 3

Why Space Fighter 3?

Recently discovered by our team, Space Fighter 3 is an android spacecraft 2D shooter game. The splendid graphics, tons of versatile enemies and battles against bosses, as well as the possibility to compete on the leaderboard and built stronger and more powerful spaceships, make it a must-try!

Standout features:

- top-notch graphics
- transform between jet and mech
- optimally challenging enemies & bosses
- global leaderboard
- stats about your performance
- ability to upgrade your spaceship
- information about your enemy’s skills

Uniqueness: Medium
Fun of play: High
Potential of going viral: High


Average rating: 5.0
Compatibility: Android 8.0 and up
Developer:  Rahul Das
Google Play Download Link: Space Fighter 3

Thursday, September 26, 2019

Catch the Rhythm & Slice the Beats in Dancing Blade: Slicing EDM Rhythm Game

No one can deny that one way to kill boredom is to play the best rhythm games on a mobile phone. That’s something that anyone from all ages could relate to. Even before smartphones and Android phone became very popular, a rhythm game was already a popular gaming genre back in the old days.
If you’re already a fan of this genre of mobile gaming then check out our selection for today’s article called Dancing Blade.

Dancing Blade - General Info

Dancing Blade: Slicing EDM Rhythm Game is a new android slicing EDM rhythm game that could help you to beat the boredom effortlessly in your free time. Its dynamic gameplay mixes slicing and rhythm of upbeat music that feels exciting from the very first time you try it.

Enjoy fun music or add your own

From the very first moment you try it, you’ll love the high-quality graphics with futuristic aesthetics, stunning audiovisual effects and game feel that will surely won’t leave you bored or indifferent. And many will love the simplicity of playing Dancing Blade, as it can be played with your finger, which will have to play the role of the Blade dancing hero who has to slash all the beats coming on the way.
There is also an option to upload your favorite music to play on it if you want to double the fun and EDM game experience.

Visit the Play Store link down below if you want Dancing Blade to be a part of your Android gaming collection. It’s available for free, so check it out now!

Sunday, September 22, 2019

Innstal is a Helpful App to Find & Manage User Manuals and Warranties

Anyone who manages a household knows how hard is to keep track of warranties and manuals. The manuals are easy to get lost and usually are complicated and bulky books. While the warranties are often small pieces of paper that also are easy to get lost or destroyed. Here is where the app we’ll talk about today, Innstal, can be of enormous help.

One spot for all your warranties and manuals

Innstal is a helpful warranty & manual saver app where you can search and store manuals and warranties. When it comes to user manuals, you can search by brand name, product or explore the list of brands and appliances. Currently the developers claim to have over 1.5m+ manuals and the list is growing. Once you find the manual you can use it, favorite it or download it on your phone.

When it comes to warranties, Innstal can help you find and store your warranties. Alternatively, it can help you with expiration date reminders and the claim process. This can be super helpful knowing that most households have 5-10 if not more products that are under warranty. And then there is the case of second-hand products.

What we liked about Innstal is the fact that it also features a community with real time notifications where you can ask questions related to appliances, products, manuals, and warranties. Everything is neatly organized, easily accessible and perfectly functional. It’s indeed a helpful app which is available for free on Google Play. Try it and find more about it from the links below.

Google Play Download Link: Innstal

Tuesday, September 17, 2019

Puzzle Game of the Month – Cookie Crush

A few days ago we covered Cookie Crush. This amazing match 3 puzzle game impressed us with its levels, quality of graphics and overall the whole fun of play. That’s why we decided to make it our Puzzle Game of the Month. Read more below and enjoy the game!

700+ Levels of Puzzle Challenges

Cookie Crush is a match 3 puzzler with a cookie & sweets matching theme. This match 3 game is a truly imposing cookie blast variation produced by one of the best German mobile game developers Softgames.

Since it features over 700+ levels, you are sure to have tons of fun challenges as you progress. This makes it a great option for gamers that are looking for a new match 3 gaming challenge.

Claim Gifts & Use Boosters

In Cookie Crush there is a daily bonus and a wheel which you can spin to earn prizes after level 5. Try to collect anything the game gives you as you need them for the later levels.

The graphics and sounds are top quality. They create a warm ambience that complete a truly fun gaming experience. This means that Cookie Crush is a must-have for any android gamer who is looking for a new puzzle match 3 fun. It is completely free and you may try it on Google Play.

Google Play Download Link: Cookie Crush

Solitaire Story – Tripeaks is a Solitaire Card Game Adventure That Offers Exciting Card Gaming Fun

Do you love Solitaire? We all know the famous Solitaire (aka Klondike) which Microsoft included in Windows. However, since then, tons of variations emerged, including the Tripeaks. Today we’ll cover one of the best solitaire games in that niche, the Solitaire Story – Tripeaks.

Solitaire Story – Tripeaks General Info

Solitaire Story is a fun solitaire game featuring hundreds of levels across different countries. The goal of the game is to clear the playing field of cards with your stockpile of cards. The faster you clear it with fewer cards used and with more streak, the better.

Fun Solitaire Adventure Around the World

The game is designed to be a trip around the world. You start in Austria and after you complete all 60 levels, you can unlock the next country – Bali. Other locations around the globe include Italy, Japan, Iceland, Australian Reef, Egypt, Arizona, Paris, and Tanzania. This means that you are set for nearly a thousand levels of Solitaire Tripeaks. Not to mention the themed graphics are exquisite.

From the left side on the menu watch out the events like the key hunts which can be of extreme help in many cases. Alternatively, try different card deck designs and spin the wheel to earn extra prizes like extra cards on your deck or coins.

Solitaire Story – Tripeaks is free to play on Google Play.

Google Play Download Link: Solitaire Story – Tripeaks