Wednesday, August 7, 2019

Mac OS App of the Week – Asset Catalog Creator

Asset Catalog Creator was covered on Hightechholic a few days ago. This icon generator impressed us and because of the fact that it can be of great use for developer’s and publishers, we decided to make it our Mac OS App of the Week. Read more why!

What is Asset Catalog Creator?

This time-saving app creator can generate icons from your images depending the project and asset you need.

Why it’s amazing?

Because it can generate a set of icons from any image. Instead of you resizing the icon manually and wasting time to meet the requirements for the platform where you need the icon for, this app will do all the hard work for you nice and easy.
Here is a full list of supported asset types:
App Icon, Launch Screen, iMessage Icon

App Icon, Complication

App Icon, Launch Screen, Top Shelf, Top Shelf Wide

tvOS Game Centre
Leaderboard, Dashboard
App Icon

Universal and device-specific image sets, in @1x, @2x (Retina) and @3x (Retina HD variants or as single vectors )

The best thing is that it features the latest updates to apple standards and also retains the images to vector. There is automatic image renaming and naming, previews, preset sizes and so much more. It is indeed one of the most amazing icon generator tools for developers. Try it for free!

Mac App Store Download Link: Asset Catalog Creator