Monday, August 26, 2019

iOS Game of the Week – Chess Puzzle!

Chess Puzzle! was already reviewed on Hightechholic after it initially caught our eyes with its unique mix of chess and puzzle features. Because it is one of the most interesting games we played this week, we decided to give it another appraisal, this time as our iOS Game of the Week. Read more why!

What is Chess Puzzles?

Chess Puzzles! is an iPad & Android chess game which mixes puzzle and chess into one game.
Since this is a chess puzzle game aimed for all chess players and puzzle gaming lovers, the chess puzzle game starts with super-easy challenges. The challenges are easy to understand, the controls are simple, but as you progress, they will become harder and harder.

The cool thing is that all challenges are neatly organized with fun custom names. And playing through them in the last couple of days, we can easily say that they are super-interesting and can really challenge even the seasoned players. 

Can You Pass Them All?

With some really hard levels, this chess puzzle quest can really test your puzzle and chess skills. Can you pass through them all, knowing there are some nearly impossible levels? Good news is that you will master your skills and definitely improve as a player as you pass them through. Try it for free, the game is available for iPhone & iPad.

App Store Download Link: Chess Puzzle!