Thursday, August 1, 2019

App of the Day – flashlight and flash on call

Everyone knows the grouchy feeling of a missed call which was important. That’s why today for our App of the Day section we have an app that will save you from such instances and let you use your flashlight whenever your phone is ringing.

General Info

Flashlight and flash on call is an android tool which enables the simple functionality of flash on call and flash on sms. This makes it extremely useful in various instances and a great addition to any android user.

Control the flashlight

Unlike other similar apps, this app gives you additional control features that you may make use of. You can set mode settings to which the app will work, turn off the flash on call or flash on sms feature, adjust the interval, number of flashes and battery threshold.

Our daily usage showed that it never fails to deliver. This, and the fact that it does a good job of being effective both on RAM and battery makes it a great solution for a flash on call app. Download it for free on Google Play.

Google Play Download Link: flashlight and flash on call