Wednesday, July 31, 2019

Street boys Offers Cool Stack Block Jumping Quest for Android Gamers

Endless jumping games are one of the most popular games for Android. The reason is that these jumping games are simple to play and require focus and reflexes to keep you going. Often filled with obstacles, they are challenging the player to do better after he/she loses the game.

If you are up for such a fun game, the game we’ll cover today – Street boys is sure to offer you fun times!

What is Street boys?

Street boys is a stack jump game in which you need to jump on the constantly coming stacking blocks. Each precise jump earns you a point, while if you jump on blocks that are precisely stacked you will earn bonus points.

8 Levels & Fun Characters

When playing, try to go as high as possible and get as many points as possible. Making 3k+ points will enable you to open the next level and by scoring more, you can open all levels. Each levels comes with different environment and new characters.

Overall, we liked the game because it has optimal difficulty, fun and simple controls, and entertaining soundtrack and sound effects. It is definitely an entertaining casual game which can become your new favorite Android game. Try it for free on Google Play.

Google Play Download Link: Street boys