Wednesday, June 5, 2019

Test Your Knowledge of US, European, Asian and African Football – Soccer Predictor Leagues

Soccer (football) is the world’s most popular sport. The only thing that is as satisfying as football is a football game. However, if you are fan of soccer and look for more than just playing a fun football game on your smartphone, there are games that offer to put your soccer knowledge on the test. To help with the search, we looked and we discovered an incredible soccer game that will challenge your prediction skills and soccer knowledge in the same time. Let’s see what the game is all about.

What is Soccer Predictor Leagues about?

The Soccer Predictor Leagues is developed for android users, very easy to play soccer game and in the same time challenging, putting your soccer knowledge on the test as you try to predict outcomes of upcoming games. With this game, the players are able to challenge themselves and their knowledge of European, US, Asian and African football, predicting outcomes of matches from the major football leagues. Players will enjoy sharpening their soccer knowledge and prediction skills. 

Standout features

Getting you hooked to predicting and in the same time testing your soccer knowledge, this game will hook you to playing on the first try. Seven upcoming matches are selected in this game from all major soccer leagues such as the English Premier League (EPL), the Chinese Super League (CSL), American Major League Soccer (MLS), and from major European Football Leagues such as the Serie A in Italy and La Liga in Spain.

As a player in the game, your task is to predict the outcome of each soccer match. The game is giving you access to the aggregate prediction before the matches kick-off and see what the crowd has predicted for the outcome of the upcoming football matches. Set up and run your own Predictor League for friends, teammates and colleagues by visiting the app’s website. Get going and have fun while testing your soccer knowledge with each prediction you make.  

Download it for free on Google Play to test your knowledge of US, European, Asian and African football!

Google Play Download Link: Soccer Predictor Leagues