Friday, June 28, 2019

Stock Photos by Dreamstime is a Professional & Endless Source of Stock Photography for your Android Smartphone

The good and reliable stock photography apps are rare on Google Play. That’s why today we will cover one of the very best Stock Photos by Dreamtime, which after thorough tests from our team proved that it can be anyone’s single source of stock photography.

General info

Stock Photos by Dreamstime is a professional stock photography app for Android created by the stock photography giant Dreamstime. In a simple and intuitive UI, you have the ability to search, download and edit over 90+ million of stock and royalty-free images. The app offers both free images and paid stock photography images and packages.

How Can You Make Use Of It?

Open the app and start searching photography by keyword or explore their neatly organized categories. We really like the categories organization as it is super-relevant, which is time-saving and crucial when you need a stock image in a specific niche. The number of photos and illustrations is gigantic, and since over 3 million photos are added monthly, we are sure you will find the targeted stock photos you need for any creative purpose. 

Any photo you like can be favorited so you can use or buy it later, or make selection from your favorites. Alternatively, you can create lightboxes, which are collection of photos you like in certain categories, which you also create by yourself.

Once you create an account, the app will keep your photos and data on any other android device you install the app. The app is stable, fast and perfectly executed. Try it for free if you need stock photography on your Android smartphone – it is truly one of the best stock photography apps out there.

Google Play Download Link: Stock Photos by Dreamstime