Tuesday, June 18, 2019

LawAJ is an Excellent App in the Unfortunate Case of Auto Accidents

Everyone hates the unfortunate case of an auto accident. It’s frustrating, and many times devastating. That’s why today, we will cover an app that can somewhat help you reduce stress by getting professional advice. We are talking about LawAJ, a legal help tool which is specifically crafted to help you with auto accident reports and tickets.

Easy to use

Available for iOS & Android, the LawAJ is simple and easy to use. From the main menu you can call the law office, upload a report, get information about the data of the report, upload tickets so an attorney can fight it for you.. and more.

The app features GPS locations, reports upload and history. The great thing is that you can get legal help regarding your auto accident case on your email and send it to the insurance company for a claim. The team behind the app is the experienced team of Anthony Janji A Professional Law Corporation.

Currently you can use the app only in California and on 4 languages: English, Spanish, Chinese Traditional, Chinese Simplifies. No matter if you’ve just experienced an auto accident, received a ticket or you need a tool just in case some of this happens, having LawAJ on your phone is a smart thing.

Google Play Download Link: LawAJ

App Store Download Link: LawAJ