Saturday, June 1, 2019

Jump Red Square - Jump & Blast off the Red Square Right to the Top

Playing games on the go is quite popular among smartphone users. Jump games offer you simple and yet challenging gameplay that you can enjoy when you feel bored or you want to kill some free time. Thousands of these games are available for our smartphones that makes it hard to choose the best one. We searched and we discovered a fun, exciting and challenging jump arcade game to test your skills while you enjoy the exciting fast-paced gameplay. Let’s see what the game is all about.

What is Jump Red Square? 

Jump Red Square is developed for Android users as one very exciting, fast-paced jumping jump arcade game that is highly addictive but challenging for the fast reactions and preciseness of the player. Have fun and enjoy the sharp graphics and cool sound effects while jumping and trying to blast off the red square right to the top. Challenge players around the world to compete and get the highest scores, to see who the best player of this incredible jump arcade is. 

Gameplay & Features 

Players will get addicted to this tap arcade fast because of its attractive graphics, various challenges, share options, and a fast-paced gameplay. The player's skills are tested and he has the chance to show who the boss in the game is. The task in the game is taking the red square all the way to the top by tapping on the screen. Players need to watch out and avoid the grey square on their way. The grey square is tricky and it will play with the player's mind so be fast and precise.

The grey square can be tricky, and play with your mind, so try to react fast and precise. More challenges as you progress so more scores if you stay in the game longer. Players get the chance to unlock new characters, and challenge players worldwide. Compete by sharing the game with your community.

Download it now on Google Play for free to challenge your fast reactions, jump and blast off to the top! 

Google Play Download Link: Jump Red Square