Thursday, May 9, 2019

Unblur is a New Addictive and Challenging Brain Train Picture Photo Game

If you’re looking for a new, challenging trivia game that will make your free time more interesting and that will push your brain skills to the next level, don’t look further. Here we will cover one of the latest trivia quiz game (available for IOS and Android users) that is perfect for that purpose and won’t leave you indifferent or bored for sure.

Challenging Brain Train Trivia Game

Unblur is a guessing pictures game which requires from the player to make them sharper while competing on multiple levels. It’s easy to play, quite fun but also challenging because requires sharp brain skills from the players when un-blurring the images to guess the object correctly. There is a button that makes the pictures sharper, and when you hit it ten times the image will be completely un-blurred. 

Powerups & different levels

If you get stuck in this process the game offer tips, 2 different power-ups or an option to use a help from a friend. Using the first power up will help you to insert a random letter into the correct position or if you try the second power-up option it will allow you to remove a random unnecessary letter.
It’s not just challenging but also and quite addictive. See how far you can go in un-blurring the images and try to win the multiple levels if your brain is enough ready for this kind of trivia games. No doubt, fun is a guaranteed but also the brain exercising which makes this game worthy of your free time.

Free to Play

Now, if you want to give a try, download the picture quiz game on your mobile device for free by visiting these App Store and Play Store links that we’ve left it at the end of this article. Share your comment or experience with us! Enjoy!  

Google Play Download Link: - Picture Quiz

App Store Download Link: - Picture Quiz