Monday, May 27, 2019

Lifestyle App of the Month – CoolCities

Exploring new cities and places can be easily done with the right app on your smartphone. CoolCities is the perfect choice for all travellers in need to discover new cool places and cities to visit around the world or nearby, to get recommendations and information about places they like, sharing experiences with friends and followers. Because of all this app is offering us, we pronounced it as our Lifestyle App of the Month. Read more about it.

What is CoolCities?

Developed for iOS users, this is a very fun, simple and yet efficient places explorer which gives you the chance to easily and without much time wasted, find and explore the coolest cities and places to visit, both nearby and around the world. The app is all about your life’s adventures and desires, offering the features you need and a clean user-friendly interface so you can explore places to visit and share experiences with others. Create your profile now to start exploring.

CoolCities Highlights

The Cool Cities app for users that like to travel and explore cool places offers a variety of features to help them discover new cities and places around them and around the world. With the app’s help, the user has the chance to discover places to visit and share the ones he already visited with friends and followers so he can exchange experiences. The places the user wishes to visit someday and the places he likes can be bookmarked on the app so he can keep track of them. Users can search within their bookmarks easily and quickly at any time.

Also, the user can create as much bucket lists as he likes of the places he is interested to visit and browse bucket lists of other users as well. Share experiences and see where the cool people have been, easily searching for cities, places, bucket lists and people. Get suggestions and information about cool places with their official website, phone number and direction. Organize places in your bucket lists with just a click.

Download the app on the App Store for free to find places to visit and see where the cool people have been!

App Store Download Link: CoolCities