Wednesday, May 8, 2019

Buy or Sell Clothes with Clothy

In an effort to score the latest deals, or find new uses for the items we already own, we checked out some of the best clothing shopping apps available right now. Whether you're a new mom hoping to buy or sell baby items, or could use a personal stylist for an upcoming event – the shopping app we’ll talk about today is ideal for you.

Clothy – Personal Buy & Sell Clothes Shopping App

Clothy is a practical buy and sell app for clothing. Ideal for anyone to fashion designers, regular people who need to sell clothes online and earn some cash, and of course the buyers who want to discover interesting clothing designs and save money on clothes shopping.

Clothy Features

Clothy enables free selling and simple buying of clothes on your mobile device. All the users of Clothy have official profiles with reviews on it, so you shouldn’t worry about the products that are offered or the cash transactions.  

If you are also passionate (or collector) about unique models of clothes then Clothy can give you a hand to discover some very rare and unique fashion clothes (at low prices) offered by random people. The app offers a GPS system to make deals with other users in your local area and option to massage them in order to complete the deal.

If Clothy fits your needs, then visit the App Store link down below to download on your IOS device for free. Get it, try it and share your experience with us!  

App Store Download Link: Clothy